Executive Seminar

In December 2012, IAPP TA organized a training course for 17 participants on RuralInvest. RuralInvest is a toolkit to identify and prepare small and medium scale agricultural and rural investments. From the 24th to 28th of March 2013, a follow up training was delivered to the same participants to further strengthen their skills. Participants were from the IAPP, different Government departments, Palli Karma-Sahayak Foundation (PKSF), the Social Development Foundation (SDF), BRAC and Rangpupr Dinajpur Rural Services (RDRS).

Prior to the training course, an Executive Seminar was organized on the 6th of December 2012. This brought together managers of potential adopting agencies to learn about the uses of RuralInvest and how the toolkit could support the work of their respective organizations.

Participants rated the usefulness of the training as __ out of 5.

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Executive Seminar Agenda

Executive Seminar List of Participants

Executive Seminar Presentations File names: 

- Rural Invest Overview 

- Capacity Development Presentation

March Training Course Agenda File name: RuralInvest March Course Agenda

March Training Course Presentations File names:

- Assessing Demand

- Environmental Impact Assessment

- Module 1 - Local Investment Needs

- Module 2 - Preparing and Using Project Profiles

- Module 3 - Detailed Project Formulation and Analysis

- Module 3 - Inv Value over Time Example

RuralInvest Course Report: Coming Soon

RuralInvest Brochure File name: RuralInvestBrochure_en