On the Job Training in FAO Investment Centre in Rome

IAPP TA organized overseas medium-term on the Job training forBangladesh Government staffto strengthen country capacities on investment programming. The “FAO Investment Centre Training Experience” is an innovative way of delivering this training. A total of 3 participants –from Ministry of Food, Planning Commission and Department of Agricultural Extension, participated to gain a deeper, hands-on understanding of investment programming good practices and to apply this new knowledge to their roles in Bangladesh.
Participants joined the FAO Investment Centre for a period of approximately three months (including a briefing period in FAO Headquarters in Rome, going on mission in developing countries and a de-briefing in FAO HQ). The participants will develop concrete action plans demonstrating how they will disseminate and apply their new knowledge upon returning to their positions.
Activities of the training:
·         Participation in TCI mission
·         Informal discussions with TCI colleagues
·         E-Learning course on social analysis
·         E-learning course on RuralInvest
·         E-learning course on COSTAB
·         E-learning course on impact assessment
·         E-learning course on results based M&E
·         E-learning course on presentation skills
·         E-learning course on data analysis
·         E-learning course on climate change in investment
·         2-day M&E Training
·         Participate in mission in developing countries
·         Sharing and discussion of various good practice documents
·         Sharing and discussion of various sample economic analyses
·         Participation in TCI review/commentary on project documents and analyses
·         English proofreading sessions
Average professional usefulness score: 5
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