Federated Farmersí Organization Sharing Workshop

IAPP TA organized a Federated Farmers’ Organization Sharing Workshop, which brought together representatives of organizations that were identified by the farmers’ organization mapping to have made progress towards sustainability and federation, in order to facilitate further development.   

Participants were leaders and facilitators of federated and/or mature farmers’ organizations (FOs), as well as the nascent Livelihood Field Schools of the IAPP. The workshop created a positive, forward momentum among the participating organizations. It served as a forum where they could share their experiences, learn from each other, and raise their concerns. Participants have since developed rapport with other FOs which is leading to a network of FO leaders.

Feedback from one of the participants shows appreciation of the event:

We need a platform. In our country everybody is associated, even rickshaw puller have their association, but not the farmers. This type of event can facilitate linkage among the farmers organization all over the country. We hope to do something great in future by sharing our experience (in this event) and utilizing them - Jalal Uddin, President, Krishak Bandhu Society, Bakerganj, Barisal. 

The workshop also showed the facilitators the strength and scope of the targeted FOs. This has allowed IPPA-TA to tailor further support and facilitation so that they can become strong, sustainable organizations able to participate in the investment programming cycle. 

Participants rated the usefulness of the workshop as 4.1 out of 5.

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