Good Agricultural Governance Training

IAPP TA organized a training course on Good Agricultural Governance with a focus on smallholder farmers. This training was the first of its kind in Bangladesh and brought together participants from the private sector, Government, and of course farmers’ organizations.

The concept of good governance is widely discussed nowadays, however agricultural governance is a new topic for many. The objective of the training was to assist all stakeholders working in the field of agriculture at micro/macro levels in developing their capacity to ensure active participation of all stakeholders in enhancing agricultural governance in the crop sector, to support the effective functioning of institutions, the application of technologies and scientific innovations, and the active participation of all stakeholders in achieving the target of increased agricultural production. A total of 20 participants joined from ministries, relevant departments, NGOs, farmers and private sector.  

Participants rated the usefulness of the training as 4.3 out of 5. 

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